Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meal Planning ~ Week of 10-6-13 (Part 2)

Meal Plan

I never got around to posting this as I was dragging my heels on finding all the photos for these meals. I finally got around to it for some proper show-and-tell. This is for the latter half of the week. For the first part of the week, check out my earlier post

Wednesday CSA Pick Up Day
  • Dinner
    • Cauliflower soup (see photo above): Cauliflower and onions cooked in chicken stock, combined in blender, add seasoning to taste

  • Lunch
    • Thai Shrimp Salad at Tender Greens with co-workers
    • Modifications: No Thai dressing (due to fish sauce), sub with lemon vinaigrette; no peantus; no crostini
  • Dinner Lobster party at our friend's place! Our friend, Mike, caught these California lobsters (as opposed to Maine lobster) in Long Beach 
    • Lobster was prepared by baking with butter & garlic, as well as breaded & deep-fried for my non-GF friends
    • Organic Roasted Acorn Squash Salad - Roasted acorn squash, sliced persimmons, romaine lettuce, red onions in balsamic vinaigrette

Look at this HUGE tail! Doesn't it make your mouth just water? It was definitely a succulent meal.
Average vs. Extra Large Tail

Mini Me

Hope you enjoy these recipes!

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