Gluten-Free Restaurants

This is a list of restaurants, in no particular order, that I recommend for gluten-free dining based on my first-hand personal dining experience.

Rule of Thumb

  • Sushi - Take your own gluten-free soy sauce. Request no Ponzu.
  • Hamburgers - Protein Style. Check to see if French Fries are fresh (not processed) and cooked in oil separate from breaded items like onion rings.  
  • Fries - If they are processed, may contain flour. Always ask.
  • Mediterranean - Grilled proteins and side of veggies are usually a safe bet
  • Vegan/Vegetarian - Brown rice bowls and salads with tempeh and tofu. Double-check dressings and sauces don't have gluten.
  • Mexican - Rice, beans, and corn tortillas are all safe. Some corn products may have added flour, so double-check.
  • Chinese & Korean - Many dishes are made sauces that contain gluten such as soy , oyster, eel, and hoisin. Authentic mom & pop restaurants don't substitute or omit. I haven't had much luck.
  • Japanese - Stay away from soy sauce, ponzu, and tempura. Bring your own soy sauce if you're eating sushi. Double-check the ingredients in broths for noodle dishes like ramen.
  • Vietnamese - Noodles are made out of rice. Make sure their broths or sauces don't have soy or gluten-containing fish sauce. Stay away from condiments (e.g., hoisin).
  • American - When in doubt, go for that grilled chicken or salmon salad without croutons. It's not always the tastiest meal, but it's safe.

Solid gluten-free selection or separate gluten-free menu

Gluten-friendly items are relatively easy to identify or substitute

Gluten-free choices are possible with some menu exploration, creative substitutions, and asking a lot of questions 
*Avoid cajun seasonings as it might contain (wheat flour). You can request a plain steam and add butter, lemon juice, salt, pepper, etc. to taste.

To Try List

If you have any restaurant suggestions in Los Angeles & Orange County, please leave a comment below.

Gluten-free and gluten-friendly restaurants in NYC.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way to promote these restaurants. 


steven stephen said...

we tried a new Mediterranean place downtown that took over the old E.O. Trading Co. location. I jsut wanted to let you know that the persian lamb kabob this is really awesome to all of you Nemea Greek Taverna has spacious square footage on the corner of S. First Street and E. San Fernando.

Jane Kim said...

Hi Steven, thanks for sharing a new location. This restaurant list is actually for Southern California's Orange & Los Angeles Counties. But, if I find myself in San Jose, I'll be sure to check out!