Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sacre bleu, Retail Prices

Are Succulents Expensive?

After making my own container succulent garden, I understand now why retail arrangements are perceivably "expensive." It's a combination of the costs of plants + container + labor + profit.

Of course, it can be cheaper if you DIY. But, depending on the plants and container you choose, you might spend less doll-hairs if you buy. It all depends on what you want. 

Here are cute and relatively inexpensive mini succulent gardens from Trader Joe's going for $13+tax. 


The TJ garden offers four to five varieties of succulents in a moss basket. $15 for this garden is a reasonable price. Remember, each small plant costs approximately $1.50-$3.00 at retail prices. 

The office manager at my work had this one for a few months now. It lives inside the office with insufficient light. The plants have "stretched" due to a limited sun supply, but the garden still looks cute. I always smile when I walk past it.

Photo Credit: Cassidy Tuttle
Healthy succulents are usually compact. If you find that your plants are stretching, meaning you can see the stem in between the levels/layers of leaves, it is time to find a new spot for the SPF-loving bunch. 

Designs by Aggelige

When you see other succulent arrangements going for $40-$60+ like Organic Designs at The Camp, you begin to understand why there's a premium. Factors include the  quality of the arrangement, container, variety of plants, and retail markup. 

Are you a retail shopper or a DIY home gardener?

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