Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paper Flowers

Nordstrom (Brea, CA)

I saw this paper hydrangea in a display at Nordstrom and it reminded me that paper flowers can be just as attractive as fresh flowers.  

When you think of paper flowers, tissue paper decorations are what typically comes to mind. These are pretty in their own right, but can risk looking crafty.

Paper flowers can look quite beautiful if you use high quality paper, mimic natural shapes, and use natural colors. 

This is how I discovered paper flowers:


On a side note, red hydrangeas do exist naturally. News to me!

Wedding Flowers

My first encounter with serious paper flowers was at a friend's wedding a couple years ago. The bride hand-made bouquets for herself and her bridesmaids...in paper. They looked whimsical and held up to the formality of the occasion.  

Paper Flower Bouquets

 The color scheme of the wedding was blue and orange.  This was the bride's bouquet. An array of subtly different colors helped the flowers blend together harmoniously. 
The groomsmen's boutonnieres were orange. But, they were professionally finessed with green floral tape.

The groom's boutonniere was blue. The center of the flowers were made of buttons for a touch of playfulness.

Do you think you'll use paper flowers at a future special event?

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