Monday, May 6, 2013

Hurray for Hobbies: Introduction

Welcome to my new blog. It's about my newfound hobbies--succulent cooking and succulent gardening. 

Sufferin' succotash! Can you believe I didn't have any hobbies before?  

Well, my OCD personality turned these little hobbies into quite the obsession, so I decided to document my journey. I hope it will bring a smile to your face and give you a little inspiration. 

Here's my story about cooking:

My mom once joked that I wasn't "homemaker" material. I agreed with her. But, to my surprise, I have been growing into domestic goddess-ness.

I spent little time in the kitchen growing up. I dabbled with cooking in college and my early 20's, but didn't really start until I was engaged. I owe it to watching Food Network for the last decade. Learning by osmosis, I call it. 

Recently and gradually, the inner chef in me has been coming out.  Here are some changes in my life that spurred it on:

When I got married, cooking was often burdensome. A major change was my attitude. I thought, "If I have to cook every day for the rest of my life, I might as well make it enjoyable." 

Add to that, inspiration from my friend, Connie. She spent two hours making a special dinner for me and our mutual friend, Jen. I realized that cooking a nice meal wasn't rocket science; it just took time (and dishes). Connie's philosophy is find a recipe that looks tasty and "just do it."

Next, my husband and I moved to a larger townhouse. Yay, bigger kitchen. 

Cooking with the Food Network In the Kitchen app on my iPad has been amazingly helpful. I highly recommend it. 

Cable TV and DVR changed my life. Recording cooking shows keeps the inspiration fresh. Watching demos taught me techniques, steps, and timing. Plus, it helps me remember the recipe. I love me some Giada at Home.

A constant motivator is that we are closer to family and friends. It's nice to have loved ones around, especially when they appreciate your food and company.

Lastly, the difficult decision of taking a break from my business has given me time I haven't had in three years. With less stress and no work commitments outside of my already existing full-time job, I can do things in the home at my own pace and leisure. 

Come back and visit soon to view my recipes, food photos, and cookings tips. 

I'll share my story about succulents in my next blog post...

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