Friday, February 7, 2014

Meal Planning | February 2014 (Part I)

What have I been up to the last month or so? I've been making a concerted effort to keep up on chores and started yoga again. And, spending more time with my husband <3. 

This week, I decided to go back on the Repairvite gut cleansing program for quick reboot for a few days. I should probably do it for at least five to seven days, but I just don't think I can commit. I don't even know how I survived the 30 day plan last year!
The reason for my detox revisitation is because I ate a non-gluten free sandwich on Saturday due to restaurant error. Plus, I overdosed on rice last week and, with all my baking, I've been eating lot of grains and sugar lately. I feel foggy; not as sharp. My neck & back muscles are sore. In general, I'm not feeling yippity skippity.

The Repairvite program that I do consists of the following:
Repairvite herbal & amino acid supplement (1 scoop powder, 2x/day) 
Strengthia probiotis (1 pill, 2x/day) 
GI-Synergy dietary supplements (3 pills, 2x/day)
You can buy these products on Amazon, but I highly encourage you to do the regimen & diet under the care of a healthcare professional such as a holistic doctor or nutritionist. The dose, frequency, and duration is different for each individual - typically determined by results of your blood work and symptomsRefer to this brochure for details on the diet. 

Anyway, onto my very comprehensive meal plan. As you know I do CSA and Winder Farms. Last week, I gave Farm Fresh to You a shot. Suffice to say, I have a fully stocked fridge, so it's a must for me to stay on my meal plan over the next week or so.

South Coast Farms CSA Basket

1 bunch Red Chard
1 bunch Tatsoi 
1 head Cabbage
1 bunch Atomic Red Carrots 
1 bunch Cilantro
1 bunch Curly Parsley
2 bunch Beets
2 bunch Baby Turnips
2 Kohlrabi
2 Red Onion
1 Grapefruit
1 head Broccoli
3 Kiwi
2 Pears

Farm Fresh to You Box

1 bunch Amarosa Fingerling Potatoes  
1/3 bag Yukon Gold Potatoes 
2 extra large Sweet Potatoes
Meal Plan

Wednesday 2/5 - CSA pick up day 
Lunch - 
Lettuce soup with redskin potatoes & Lacinato kale (inspired by this recipe)
Dinner - 
Sweet potato soup (inspired by this recipe)
Thursday 2/6
Dinner - Dinner at the Lehmans 
Pickled Onion & Radishes 
Roasted Beet Salad w/ Beet Greens & Oranges  
Roasted Cabbage inspired by this and that recipe 
Friday 2/7
Lunch - Picking up togo from Tortillaz

Dinner - Home alone
"Grilled Wagyu Prime Chux Slice" from Hana Butcher Chuck? 
Braised Turnip Greens & Apples
Staples for Freezer - Let's see how much of this I can accomplish...
Lemon juice squeezed into ice cube trays
Vegetable stock using turnip greens saved in my scrap bag   
Apple & Pear butter  
Puree & freeze kiwi juice
Blanch & freeze broccoli  
Saturday 2/8

Lunch - Date with my bff, Jen, at Dr. J's Vibrant Cafe

Dinner - Dining out at Bruno's for my Dad's birthday

Staples for Freezer -
Cilantro & Marcona Almond Pesto 
Carrot Top Pesto 
Sunday 2/9
Lunch - 
Pan-seared Halibut
Wilted Asian Greens including pea shoots
Dinner - Hosting Brazilian BBQ Night 
Picanha made by D. Suh 
Pão de Queijo  
Thyme Roasted Carrots or Carrot Confit  
Monday 2/10
Dinner -
Crispy Braised Pork Belly Still researching techniques that will help me get it succulently tender, but super crispy on the exterior
Kohlrabi Salad with Apples & Hazelnuts  
Brown Butter Baby Turnipss (next time this roasted mustard-flavored one)
Tuesday 2/11 - Farm Fresh to You delivery

Dinner - Hanna, Jenny, & Nicole are coming over for dinner 
Roasted Chicken Thighs
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with pea shoots & pesto 
Veggie dish TBD 
Wednesday 2/12 
Lunch - Dining out at D'Vine with Grace, who will be visiting me from South Bay

Dinner - Date Night
Apricot-glazed Pork Chops
Yukon Gold & Sweet Potato Gratin
Seared Red Chard & Red Onions with Red Wine Vinegar Are you sensing a theme?
Dessert at Layer Cake Bakery
Thursday 2/13
TBD based on my next Farm Fresh to You All Vegetable box 
Staples for Freezer - 
Gluten-Free Gnocchi using baked russet potatoes 
Friday 2/14 Valentine's Day
TBD based on my next Farm Fresh to You box
Dessert Grapefruit cake   
Saturday 2/15  
Dinner - Hosting Ariel for his belated birthday
Butternut Squash Risotto
A salad of sorts
Roasted vegetables 
Saturday 2/16

Dinner - Dining out at Lawry's for belated V-Day

Show - Book or Mormon (Los Angeles, CA)

Raw Atomic Red Carrots Guess who else likes carrots? Joey! 
Kiwi Lime Sorbet At Sue's house using her ice cream maker

Freezer Items

Here are some staples I made last week:
Green Dragon Apple Sauce with cinnamon sticks, orange juice, & lime juice (here's a simple, classic recipe)
Chicken Stock (inspired by this recipe
Vegetable Stock made with veggie scraps inspired by these tips 
Carrot Top Pesto For more pesto recipes, check out my previous post

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