Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meal Planning ~ Week of 9/15/13

Today, I went to the Brea Farmers Market & Mother's with my hubby. Our priority was to buy fresh and organic produce. We also "splurged" on some artisanal teas.

While I'm on the Repairvite detox, I cannot have any caffeinated drinks. I have been craving tea lately as I have been watching my co-workers enjoy their K-Cup coffees.

We bought the teas from this local tea vendor. We got two gift-sized packages of honey chamomile ($4) and Rooibus Chai tea ($6). I am so excited to try this chocolatey herbal Chai (I will ignore that chocolate has some caffeine).

Meal Plan
My problem is that I always buy produce and "snacks," but don't get proteins for main dishes. I like to buy my meat/poultry/seafood fresh (like, same day fresh). I have been so sick of chicken lately. When I am indecisive about my proteins, I tend to ignore them altogether. 
Anyway, I created a game plan below of how I'm going to use what I bought, but, ironically, don't have many actual meals planned for the end of the week. 

  • B - Uncured Turkey Ham steak (see picture here)
  • L - Green Juice
  • D - Dinner out with family to celebrate by Mother-in-Law's birthday. We ate at BCD Tofu House in Roland Heights. I'll be writing a review on my experience there soon, hopefully.

  • B - Spinach-apple juice
  • L - Dining out at Daphne's I got a chicken kabob plate with their side salad. I asked for no pita bread, but forgot to ask them to take out the tomatoes and feta cheese. 
  • Snack - Apple, carrot sticks  
  • D - Dining out with friends at local Korean restaurant, Flower Pig. Their grilled pork ribs are life changing. Seasoned with salt only; no soy-based marinade. Naturally gluten-free! My husband ordered the dongchimi 동치미 cold noodle soup. Since fermented foods are good for your gut, I decided to drink the briney soup sans noodles (even though we substituted the flour noodles with arrowroot naengmyun 냉면 noodles).
  • Snack - Spinach-apple juice; homemade almond milk (for our guest)

  • B - Spinach-apple juice; leftover ribs (3)
  • L - Skipped
  • D - Dining out with hubby at Fresca's (located near the farmer's market) I had the California salad. It was basically romaine lettuce, black olives, grilled chicken, and avocado slices (hold the tomatoes & cheese, please). I threw away the fried taco shell that it came with (surprise!). I tried to amp it up with the spicy pickled carrots.

  • B - Organic turkey slices and baked red yams Last week, I baked sweet potatoes with yellow flesh. I was really craving orange-fleshed tuber.
  • L - Gourmet Chicken sausage with lemon & simple salad
  • D - Grilled chicken with carrot-top green pesto accompanied by baby green salad with organic oranges and raw organic fennel. 
  • B - Baked Japanese sweet potatoes (prepared night before) & smoothie
  • L - Out? Hubby has the day off work.
  • D - Dinner date with hubby. We are going to Javier's in Newport Coast as we have a gift card.
  • B - Roasted acorn squash (prepared night before) I am going to try to use coconut oil, instead of my usual EVOO.
  • L - Dining out probably at Irvine Spectrum since I'll be near there for work meetings. 
  • D - Protein TBD & organic roasted cauliflower (bake at 400 for approx 45 min until deep golden brown).
  • TBD
  • Coconut yogurt I will be using this in my smoothies or making parfaits. I usually add some organic chia seeds and organic Goji berries.
  • Fresh Fruit
    • Organic strawberries, organic peach (yes, singular) , organic nectarines 
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder I don't know if this is approved in the Repairvite program, but I need something "sweet"
  • Coconut butter Whenever I feel/think I'm hungry, I eat a spoonful of this. I just finished a small jar of Artisana. I bought Nutiva this time. I can't tell the difference.
  • Kombucha 
  • "AvoCoco" using organic Hass avocados. I'll omit fresh coconut flesh since I don't have, and substituting coconut butter for the almond butter. This is inspired by the "Extra Mile" smoothie from Kure Juice Bar. (Thanks to my co-worker, Allison, for the suggestion. She is also the author of the Sweet Potato Bites food blog. 
  • Carrot-based
  • Red Juice using organic beets (from last week), organic red kale, organic fresh ginger, etc. 
  • Apple-based juice with organic apples, cucumber, etc.
  • Green Juice with organic Valencia oranges & organic Lacinato kale
  • Add on: Celery I throw this in most of my juices for added fiber.

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